I want to be an IPS with my acting career Mir Arslaan

I want to be an IPS with my acting career Mir Arslaan

December 13, 2021 Off By admin

Exclusive Story By – Raja Sarfaraz

Kashmir based actor Mir Arslaan is a new Face for Bollywood who came into the limelight from the recently Released Web series Cyanide on Famous Platform, Mir Arslan a young actor Student of 10th Standard has done it marvellously. Role of Young Serial Killer Mohan who initially get head knocked in a wrong relationship later on the revenge full attitude drags him to be a killer of girls giving them Cyanide. Well, Mir Arslaan is Kashmir based Actor who is theatre associated besides has a focus to be an IPS which is itself a pompous goal. Thanking his parents for all their support Arslaan is nowadays enjoying initial phase success and getting noticed as an actor.

While we had a telephonic conversation with Mir Arslaan and here is what he says,

“I want to grow more with experience doing different types of films and web series, my first role was not easy came with a lot of challenges, I thank Director Rahat Kazmi for this and trusting my work. I had no option to make it more reliable and perfect as per character demand.

The camera makes you perfect slowly and this is what I believe that technique gets built with experience and so my motive is to do different types of roles, I m these days focusing on my acting skills and also education that I won’t always part and parcel, I don’t want to compromise in my education because as an artist you need to be disciplined and education, the knowledge of art and culture can make you more perfect. Kashmir nowadays is facing the Challenge of Drugs and the youth involved in it makes my heart bleed for them I want the youth of Kashmir to grow more in any talent they have and don’t get involved in Drugs.

We can make shine our family with our success. I’m inspired by Mir Sarwar, Raja Sarfaraz, Tariq khan, Hussain khan all are Kashmir based actors but their journey is inspiring. I’m getting offers of a new project and will shortly sign a good project.”


– Raja Sarfaraz