Music composer Dilip Sen records melodious songs in the voice of American singer Surya Kumar Das

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Music composer Dilip Sen recorded a very melodious song in the voice of American singer Surya Kumar Das at Dilip Sen Studio located in Mumbai. Its lyricist is M Prakash.

Music composer Dilip Sen said on this occasion that singer Surya Kumar Das had a wish for years and now God has fulfilled his wish. Surya Das ji wanted us to work together since 1993. When I got his call from America, I told him that we will make albums only, you should prepare a music bank. Contains songs for every mood. Then we have made many songs. This music bank also has songs in the voices of Palak Muchhal, Sadhna Sargam and Anuradha ji. He has also composed romantic, sad songs, chisel wale songs and sufi songs.

Surya Kumar Das came from America for these special songs. You will clearly see the style of Dilip Sen Sameer Sen in these songs. These songs of 2022 are going to be evergreen. These songs will have the same melody that will remind you of the music of the 90s.

Surya Kumar Das said that we jump in the sea and then learn to swim. I am from Orissa and I had to do a lot of work on pronunciation of Hindi Urdu words. Dilip Sen ji helped me a lot in singing and in correct pronunciation of words. The kind of beautiful songs that used to come in the 90s, now such songs are not coming. Living in America, I used to search for songs like those of that era, but today’s music does not contain such songs. That’s why I contacted Dilip Sen ji, he has made some beautiful songs.

Dilip Sen said that seeing the dedication of Surya Kumar Das, God, Mata Rani and Hare Krishna fulfilled his wish. Due to the association of both of us and the collaboration of our daughter-in-law from America, the best songs have been prepared. Sameer Sen has also contributed in preparing these songs. Recordist Rakesh Sharma has recorded all the songs well.

Surya Kumar Das’s wife said that I am very happy to hear this song. Dilip ji has composed great songs which are very nice to listen to. Dilip Sen said that the voice of Surya Kumar Das does not match anyone, his voice has its own style. I hope tomorrow will be of Surya Kumar Das.

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Music composer Dilip Sen records melodious songs in the voice of American singer Surya Kumar Das